CRMS Testing Schedule

The end of the year is near! We are gearing up for testing. Below you will find our schedule for state testing. Each test starts first thing in the morning. It is important that students arrive on time the day of their test. 

Testing Tips!

1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before!
2. Eat a good healthy breakfast to provide your brain with energy!
3. Arrive on time for school, so you aren't rushing around the morning of the test. 
4. Take your time and read each question!
5. RELAX! You have done all of the work all year. YOU CAN DO THIS! 

CRMS State Testing Schedule

Date Test Grade
ELA 1 6th
4/30 ELA 2 6th
5/1 ELA 1 7th
5/2 ELA 2 7th
5/3 ELA 1 8th
5/6 ELA 2 8th
5/7 Math 6th
5/8 Math 7th
5/9 Math 8th
5/10 EOC Writing English 1
5/13 Science 6th
5/14 Social Studies 7th
5/15 Science 8th
5/20 EOC Algebra Algebra 1
5/21 EOC English English 1