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ABC Teacher and Staff of the Month

The "ABC" (Above and Beyond the Call) program is designed to recognize outstanding teachers and support staff for their contributions to our school.  We would like to congratulate our ABC Teacher of the Month, Michelle Woodward, and ABC Staff of the Month, Kelly Cash, for their contributions to CRMS for the month of January.

Mrs. Woodward always shows up and has a positive attitude towards life. She never gives up. Mrs. Woodward possess an inner strength that enables her to persevere through many obstacles. Her resilience and courage radiate a strong moral amongst her peers. I am honored to work with her.

woodward abc

Mrs. Cash is very dependable to help the kids with their work. She seems to care about her students' work, and she cares for them personally. Ms. Cash is a very hard worker.  MAP testing runs well because of her.  Mrs. Cash works hard every day and truly cares about her students.

Kcash abc

We thank these ladies for their hard work and determination.  These qualities have helped CRMS have a successful return from winter break.