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Career Fair

CRMS will be hosting our annual Career Fair on Thursday, February 20th.   Many parents along with local businesses will be here to share their work experiences with our students.  It will be a fun and exciting day as students and community leaders share their interests.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Susan Cassidy at 623-9401.

IGP - Individual Graduation Plans

Our guidance staff is in the process of conducting Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conferences with all 8th grade students and parents. The South Carolina Education and Development Act (EEDA) requires middle schools to implement an IGP for students in the 8th grade. At that time, parents and students are to meet with a counselor or career specialist to assist with choosing a cluster of study.  Students have the right to change their cluster of study at any time. We will review the results of the various career assessments that your child may have taken at school to help us in making some tentative program choices for high school.  We will also discuss your child’s current and past academic progress, high school goals, and plans for the future. We are NOT selecting or registering for high school courses in this meeting.

  We welcome you to meet with us in the guidance office.  Each conference will range from fifteen to twenty minutes. Your child will need to be present on the date of your appointment. We encourage you to discuss career goals and academic progress with your child prior to coming to the IGP conference.

 Please contact us to set up a time that is convenient for you. You may call the guidance office at 623-9401.  We look forward to this opportunity to meet with you and your child to discuss his or her career exploration activities and encourage positive choices for the future!