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Duke Tip Talent Search

The Duke TIP 7th grade Talent Search helps educators and families determine how advanced their students’ academic abilities truly are.  Above-level testing at least two years above a student's current grade offers gifted students and their families a far better understanding of how the student compares to his or her gifted peers and what level of educational challenge is appropriate.

Students are identified based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school. As part of the talent search enrollment, they are invited to take either the ACT or the SAT college entrance exam as a seventh grader which allows them greater insight into their academic abilities. In addition, experts at Duke TIP have developed and compiled information to inspire academically talented young people to learn through exciting, stimulating and challenging educational opportunities to augment their capabilities.

Eligibility for enrollment is an honor and indicates outstanding intellectual potential. Enrollment begins August 1 of each year.
Does my Child Qualify?
Your child must be in the seventh grade (or a current eighth grader who skipped seventh grade).
Your child must have a qualifying test score. This test score must be included on the talent search enrollment form.

Qualifying scores from 7th grade PASS
ELA    702+
MATH   716+
SCI    696+
SS    732+